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What to expect when you contact me about a puppy?

Evaluation and placement of puppies is one of the most important responsibilities of being an ethical breeder.  My puppies are placed in homes where I feel they will be the best fit as lifetime companions or performance dogs.  If you are interested in a puppy please start by submitting the questionnaire below so we can get to know each other.

Next -  I will contact you from the questionnaire and we can get to know each other. Please ask questions! I’m happy to answer any questions and will ask you many as well.

I keep a list of potential homes for my litters and stay in contact with everyone as litters are being planned and after they are whelped. Once puppies arrive we’ll have a general idea of who is available and as they grow and change they are evaluated over the weeks and the placement choices will be decided.  
Just because there are puppies does not always mean that the ‘right’ puppy is in the litter for a specific person.   Watching the puppies develop and using standard temperament testing processes will help me make choices for placement.  I don’t place puppies on a ‘first come…’ basis though once I get to know you and your needs I will get a feel for the correct choice as they grow. Puppies will go to their new homes between 9-10 weeks of age.
I encourage visitation for potential homes at appropriate development times and provide updates to everyone on the puppy list as well as the Facebook page to share photos and video so you can watch the puppies grown and develop.

I do not ship puppies alone.  You will be required to pick up the puppy in person with arrangements made in advance or in some circumstances I can deliver the puppy to you. These options can be discussed once placement is decided on.

The puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture protocols. It will be strongly recommended that  ALL potential puppy homes get the program and follow along as they develop and participate when they go home to continue raising a happy, healthy, enrichment seeking Lagotto to have the best companion for many years to come!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

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