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Looking for a Puppy?

Finding the right dog for your family should be a thoughtful process not a whim.
You are bringing a new family member in that will be with you for 12+ years.   
ALL puppies are cute!

A breeder  that is committed to breeding healthy dogs, with great temperaments,  and that fit the standard for the breed
should be your goal.

Don’t ever feel pressured to purchase a puppy from a breeder.  Be prepared to walk away if anything makes you uncomfortable.

The right puppy will come along from a good breeder and the experience will be great for everyone.

Ethical breeders put their hearts and souls into producing healthy and happy puppies as family companions and performance/show dogs.  They research pedigrees, check all of the recommended health concerns for their breed and do their best to insure all of the puppies they raise will live long and happy lives with their new families.

They are there for you for the life of your dog and you should feel comfortable contacting them whenever questions arise.

As the breed is growing in popularity many breeders jump in to sell puppies purely for profit and do not focus on the important aspects of producing healthy, stable dogs that fit the breed standard.  
This can very often cause heartbreak, financial issues due to health problems and years of living with a dog that was not what you wanted so it is VERY important to take your time, research carefully and find the RIGHT dog for your family.

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 Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder

Bringing a puppy into your home should be a decision based on research, patience and planning.

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