Wilhaven Lagotto Romagnolo

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Orli’s Pedigree

UKC Ch. Leora Typhia of Golden Comfort, RN, NW2, ITD
(Swiss Import)

Orli is such a joy to live with. She embodies all of the characteristics that make the Lagotto such a lovely breed.

After years of research on the breed and searching for a breeder who held the same standards for breeding/ethics that I believe in “Orli” was added to the family.

A whirlwind trip to meet her breeder and extended family in Switzerland was just the beginning of our journey.

She makes us smile every day.

Along with being a loved family member Orli has been participating in different conformation and performance events.

She is really fun to work with - loves to be engaged in activities.  

The Lagotto is truly an all around fun breed.

Thank you to Suzanne Tlach of Golden Comfort Lagotto for Orli!


Health Clearances

OFA Web Results

CHIC# 116447
Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patella - Normal

Eyes- Clear

DNA Profile # V671117

BFJE -  Negative (parentage & testing)

Lysomal Storage Disease: Negative
                                 (parentage & testing)

Incorrect Coat: Negative


16 1/4” tall    25lbs

My Dog DNA Profile

(Comprehensive health profile)

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